BJazz Biography, Music, Carrier and Family

BJazz Biography, Music, Carrier and Family

BJazz Biography, Music, Carrier and Family


Early Life and Education

Born in Ibadan, Oyo state1, Nigeria 2, OLUWABUNMI SAMSON FAKEYE3, professionally known as BJAZZ4, is a distinguished music minister, educator, and pianist. He began his musical journey in the southwest region of Nigeria and later earned certifications in piano, vocal instruction, education, and composition from the esteemed Music Society of Nigeria (MUSON) in Lagos.

Musical Career

BJAZZ has achieved recognition as a recording artist with notable singles such as “Tell It All5,” “No Need to Worry6,” “Loruko Jesu7,” and “Walking by Faith.” His versatile skills extend to music production and creativity, contributing to his success in the gospel music scene.

Internationally, BJAZZ has collaborated with Grammy Award nominees/winners, including Kurt Carr8, Phil Thompson9, Da’ T.R.U.T.H10., Micah Stampley, Lenny LeBlanc, Don Moen, and Ron Kenoly. Domestically, he has worked with prominent Nigerian gospel artists such as Kenny K’ore, and Sammie Okposo11, Tim Godfrey, and Glowreeyah Braimah.


Tell It All12
No Need to Worry13
Loruko Jesu14
Walking by Faith15

Choir Direction and Training

BJAZZ’s influence is evident in his work with choirs globally. He has directed and trained choirs such as the Joyous Celebration Choir (JCC) in South Africa16, The Avalanche Choir at Coza, and the award-winning Exalted Tribe at Harvesters International Christian Center Gbagada Campus. His contributions also extend to non-religious platforms, including MTN Project Fame and The Gospel Award reality show.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Bjazz Productions in Abuja, Nigeria, BJAZZ has established a platform for discovering and nurturing raw talent. The academy has expanded its reach to various states, including Uyo, Lagos, Kaduna17, Nasarawa, and Abuja. His visionary leadership is demonstrated through the success of NAWIRAS (Nations Will Rise And Sing), one of the biggest gospel concerts in Abuja, attracting a global audience of over five thousand attendees.

Legacy and Impact

BJAZZ’s legacy extends beyond his musical achievements, showcasing his dedication to education and talent development. His influential role in the Nigerian music industry has solidified him as a notable figure, leaving an indelible mark on the gospel music landscape.


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