Cyprian Cypzy: A Rap Artist’s audacious exploits

About Cyprian Lucky Cypzy Madaki, biography, songs, carrier, family

Cyprian Cypzy: A Rap Artist’s audacious exploits

Music Rapper Cyprian Lucky Cypzy Madaki, The Kaduna-based gospel and inspirational music sensation has, within 12 years in the industry, released 0ne album with many single songs and features. The Kaduna State-born rapper, composer and songwriter say his dream is to become a household name on the local and international music scenes. he also shared his passion to establish God’s work and the growth of mankind as one of his greatest goals.

His was a natural calling. This must be why Cyprian Lucky Cypzy Madaki was able to seamlessly transition from being Into making music at an early age, about 8 to 9 yr old at a very tender age to one of Nigeria’s most sought-after gospel and inspirational music artists. “Music is life for me,” he said. Born in Jos, raised by a single mother and grew up in kafanchan Kaduna state.

Tell us More About your Music Journey

I started making music at an early age, about 8 to 9 yr old, I grew up in a family of music inspired by my mom and my uncle(Sunday) who was a great rap artist. And yes my mom named me after the great Lucky Dube may his soul Rest In Peace.

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Yes, one of the major challenges I faced as a musician was when I lost my mom, the support stops coming and my other family members don’t really care about my music, something I am used to it already and I am living with it.

Your Inspirations

Hmm, who inspires me?
God inspires me first before any other person but then. Literally, almost every good artist out there inspires me, because I listen to a whole lot of great songs from different genres.

Do you write your songs?

Yes, I write my own songs and I ghostwrite for others too.
Life experiences are what inspire me to create music.

Cyprian Cypzy: A Rap Artist’s audacious exploits

Cyprian Cypzy: A Rap Artist's audacious exploits
Cyprian Cypzy: A Rap Artist’s audacious exploits

Should we expect any song or album this year from you?

Well, the year is over already but definitely expect greatness from us at the Extandy/God Heals The Broken Family.
Next year is promising already so seat and just enjoy the ride to the glory of God.

What are your strengths as a Gospel rapper?

My strength as a Gospel Artist is my Faith in Christ Jesus.

Tell us about your experience as a Gospel musician

Well, one of the great experiences of being a Gospel Musician is the freedom and peace of mind I enjoy every time I put a new song out there.
Do you know that feeling of you doing the Father’s work? Feeling fulfilled, now that’s how it is. Can’t say there are no bad moments but then God is faithful.

What motivates you?

Christ Motivates Me.

What is your biggest weakness as a Gospel rapper?

Well, I am human and I can’t say I have no weakness, but in all of it, Jesus always comes through.

What’s your management style?

My management style, well we are just getting started and probably by next year I will tell you more about my management and how we operate.

What do you think about teamwork?
Are we gospel musicians a team?

A few days I went live and spoke about the need for us to come together as a team, see we are not doing this for ourselves, we are doing it for the Kingdom of God but it’s weird how every day we have to keep talking about teamwork.
Many of us would have gone far if only we work as a team.

Advice for upcoming.

Well, be intentional about your service to God, stay focused, write from your heart and above all don’t forget the devil is a very smart guy. So be careful out there and God Bless You.

Thank you so much Revelationmusik for this awesome time and God Bless You.

Cyprian Cypzy: A Rap Artist’s audacious exploits

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