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Frank Edwards ‘THE AFRO GOSPEL’ (FULL Album) MP3 DOWNLOAD 2023

Frank Edwards 'THE AFRO GOSPEL' (FULL Album) MP3 DOWNLOAD 2023

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Frank Edwards ‘THE AFRO GOSPEL’ (FULL Album) MP3 DOWNLOAD 2023


Runtime: 3.05 mins

Release Date: 2023 (Nigeria)

Artist Name: Frank Edwards

Album Title: ‘THE AFRO GOSPEL’ (FULL Album)

Producer(s): Frank Edwards

Genre: (Gospel Music)

Tags: Revelationmusik.net

Social: Instagram

Frank Edwards, a celebrated Nigerian gospel music veteran, is known for his soul-stirring melodies and deeply inspiring lyrics. Recently, he has graced his fans with the long-awaited release of his exceptional project, “The Afro Gospel.” This latest masterpiece from the incredibly talented artist is poised to elevate spirits and profoundly touch hearts through its powerful message and captivating tunes.


Frank Edwards, the acclaimed Nigerian gospel music maestro, once again showcases his unparalleled musical prowess in his latest masterpiece, “The Afro Gospel.” This exceptional project comprises five awe-inspiring tracks, each a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for creating soulful, uplifting music that deeply resonates with diverse audiences.

The album’s soul-lifting songs stand as a testament to Frank Edwards’ artistry and unwavering commitment to his craft. With a perfect blend of Afro-infused rhythms and heartfelt gospel elements, he creates a harmonious fusion that captivates and spiritually enriches listeners. From the very first note to the final chord, the album takes listeners on a musical journey that transcends boundaries and connects with the deepest emotions.

Throughout “The Afro Gospel,” Frank Edwards pours his heart and soul into every lyric and melody. His soulful voice carries a profound sincerity that moves listeners, leaving a lasting impact on their spirits. It’s not just an album; it’s a transformative experience that uplifts and inspires, making it an essential listen for both gospel music enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

If you find yourself in need of positivity and spiritual rejuvenation, “The Afro Gospel” is the perfect remedy. Let Frank Edwards’ enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics transport you to a place of hope, faith, and love. Embrace the soulful sounds and allow the music to awaken the joy within your heart.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of “The Afro Gospel” and let Frank Edwards’ music be the soundtrack to your moments of reflection, praise, and worship. Let the melodies resonate in your soul, inspiring you to embrace life’s journey with unwavering faith and optimism. This remarkable project will undoubtedly leave you feeling inspired and uplifted, reminding us all of the unifying power of gospel music.


Frank Edwards THE AFRO GOSPEL Album Tracklist


Holy Afro

Frank Edwards

Hallelujah Afro

Frank Edwards

Worship Afro

Frank Edwards

Nothing Impossible Afro

Frank Edwards



Frank Edwards


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