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An Interview with Maryam Awaisu, a writer and a radio presenter.

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Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m Ms. Maryam Awaisu (not Miss). I was born in Kaduna, Nigeria. I’m currently a radio presenter at Liberty TV/Radio.
What are some of your hobbies and passions?
I love dancing and cooking, and I ride horses once in a while. I find joy in writing, also. Oh, and I collect rocks.
You’re a writer and a radio presenter; tell us a bit about what you do?
I do a talk show along with three other presenters, and then I do my own program, which is about the life of a typical single Nigerian lady. I write my own script for the program and I’m a published writer.
What drove you into writing?
I’ve always loved writing. I’m a very expressive person, so I enjoy writing a lot. It kind of just picked me.
How long have you been into it?

I wrote my first novel when I was 11. It never got published. But since age four, I loved writing letters.
Who is your mentor?
There are two: Sidney Sheldon and J. K. Rowling. I hope to one day write as amazingly as them.
When growing up did you ever see yourself as a superstar one day?
Yes. Lol. I still do. Funny thing is, I don’t know what kind of star, but I always imagine myself being on the red carpet as a star, at some point in my life.
What inspired you into writing?
For my published work, it’s a passion about the disease I wrote about in the book. Sickle cell is a grave issue, especially in Nigeria, but there is mass ignorance about it.
What kind of books do you write?
Fiction. I love cooking up stories. Lol.
What is the title of your recent book, tell us little about it?
It’s titled Burning Bright. It walks the reader through what it means to live with sickle cell anemia in Nigeria. Instead of tedious medical details, I decided to enlighten through story.
Where can we get your book(s)?
Burning Bright is yet to be launched in Nigeria, I am still working on it. It’s available on Amazon, Google Play-store, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, i Universe and others. Just search for “Burning Bright by Maryam Awaisu,” on your search engine. Available in hard and soft copies.
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What are some of the challenges you encountered as a writer?
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The usual, occasional writer’s block, and lack of many publishing opportunities. I got stuck writing sometimes, and it was not easy getting published.
How do you handle the two careers?
It was pretty hectic when I was writing my book. When tired from work, writing becomes a bit more tedious. However, they’re both things I love doing, so that helped me plough on. I’m about to start writing my next book!
What advice do you have for those out there who have passion for writing but haven’t made a move?
They should start from wherever. If you have a story to tell, don’t worry too much about the end – just start somewhere. The story will always evolve, and you’ll change so much, but that’s how it works!
you can contact maryam on:
twitter logooo: @sicklecellnovel
facebook-logoo: BurningBrightbyMaryamAwaisu

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