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celebrity interview with a gospel rap artist legendemm


I will really like to know more about you?

My name is LEGENDeMM  am a Gospel rap artiste.

A little about your childhood and family, your state of origin and tribe?

i was born & grew up in Zaria, Kaduna state Nigeria.  To a family of five (5), two Ladies and three guys. Came last & was born twin but lost my brother at an infant age.
My childhood was fun you know?.. Growing up in the North makes you very stubborn & tough, but God helped me all through this.. I owe him thanks for that.
Both my Mum and Dad are from Bassa Local govt’ in Kogi state. So even though i grew in the up North,  definitely am a Kogi boi no doubt (Lol).. And i speak Bassa-nge, Hausa and English.

Your likes and dislikes?

Hmmmn.. My likes.. I like honest people that are real. And i dislike people that lie and are fake.. And i also dislike hot food & mosquito cries(Lol)

What’s your real name (your full name and if possible with the meaning)?

i got HASSAN cos i was born twin, then ABDULLAHI is an ancestral name… i come from a Royal Linage..
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Why the name “LEGENDeMM”? What’s the inspiration behind the name?

The name LEGENDeMM Is actually prophetic. A Legend is a tale of greatness, of someone that has made an impact in people’s life.. That is my vision, to impact young minds with not just good music, but godly music.. So am a Legend and eMM (Emmanuel).

Why did you go into music?

I went into music because, i saw the need to direct the minds of especially our young folks towards God and Right living.. As my mentor Spokesman rightly said.. “Music is no longer a tool, music is a weapon”. So God gave me the Honor and responsibility to spread the good news. I do it with great joy in my heart.. Using it not just as a tool to reach out, but as a weapon to fight evil.

How long have you been into music?

I officially went into music as LEGENDeMM in 2012.. Though i’ve been doing music and rapping to my class mates in my early secondary school days.. Was called Razor then (funny name i dont know how it came.. Though i though it was cos i had sharp lines then haha).

Tell us about your first song and how you came about the lyrics of the song.

Ok,  the first song i wrote was titled ” Such is life” and i was in primary three (3) when i wrote that song i can still remember how the chorus sounds.
But my first recorded song is “Hail” and its a rap song praising God, and it was recorded on 28th February 2012..

So far, which song do you think is your hit track?

My hit track?.. I love all my songs equally, but i think if I’ve gotta choose a hit track I’d say My last released single “PRAY FOR ME”.. Cos i feel i really poured out my heart and was real on every Alphabet in the lyrics of that song.. So i believe PRAY FOR ME is a Hit.

Tell me about your relationship with God and your music?

My relationship with God is as that of a son and Father.. We are very intimate and the most important to me,  its more important than music… I speak and listen to him speak back daily.

Advise the upcoming artist?

My advice to upcoming artistes is to find purpose first, chase it and fulfill it.God loves you more than your fans seek to please him first not your fans.. And if you have already started, it already too late to give up…and If you have not started, take that step, it is very possible you can make it.
Thanks for your time..

  You can contact legendemm through his social
  FACEBOOK:  Legendemm

MAIL- Legendemm40@gmail.com
CALL/WHATSAPP +2348166402656.


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