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Pastor Gift Kaputula ‘Senda Ubukata’ (Full Album) Mp3 Download 2023

Pastor Gift Kaputula 'Senda Ubukata' (Full Album) Mp3 Download 2023

Pastor Gift Kaputula ‘Senda Ubukata’ (Full Album) Mp3 Download 2023


Runtime: 50 mins

Release Date: 2023 (Nigeria)

Artist Name: Pastor Gift Kaputulaay

Album Title: Senda Ubukata

Track List: 15

Producer(s): Zambia

Genre: (Gospel Music)

Tags: revelationmusik

Social: Instagram

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Are you searching for Pastor Gift Kaputula’s impactful album titled “Senda Ubukata,” meaning “Take the Glory“? Look no further as you can now access all the songs from this Christian music minister and worship leader’s 2021 album.

Pastor Gift Kaputula’s album, “Senda Ubukata,” has been a powerful source of blessing in the lives of many since its release. This album was explicitly created to touch lives and it has successfully achieved that purpose. Experience the transformative power of “Senda Ubukata” by downloading the album and immersing yourself in its uplifting melodies.

Pastor Gift Kaputula, the founder of Aroma of Glory Ministries, has had the privilege of sharing worship platforms with esteemed ministers such as Rachael Nanyangwe, Kings Mumbi, Ephraim, Reuben, Tholiwe, Osward, and many more.

Aroma of Glory Ministries is a divine sanctuary where individuals can experience the presence of God. Under Pastor Gift’s leadership, this ministry has become a place of spiritual nourishment, worship, and transformation. Through his collaborations with other notable ministers, Pastor Gift continues to impact lives and spread the message of God’s love and glory.

Pst Gift Kaputula Album Download

See Full Album Tracklist and Download Link

1. Ba Yahweh Download
2. Ngatwamita  Download
3. Nimwebene (Remix) Download
4. Nimwe Mweka Download
5. Fyanchitila Ba Lesa Fikulu Download
6. Palaba Ifyiomuchita Download
7. Bamuyaya Download
8. Tamutandala Apa Fye Download
9. Nimwe Mweka Ncetekela Download
10. Alasobolola Download
11. Settle My Matter Download
12. Ilangeni Download
13. Nimwebene Download
14. Mwebachita Ifisungusho Download
15. Senda Ubukata Download


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