Dear Gospel Song Writer/ Singer,

Anytime you write a song give it the required time and work, don’t rush to produce and bring/drop it out. Get someone who is good to check for grammatical correctness, contextual relevance and scriptural alignment.
Prayerfully study the Bible, read good books and learn from happenings/ experiences. Don’t be lazy!

For your choice of producer, carefully make a good choice. Many good songs  fall into the hands of not so good producers and they make a mess of the whole song. Every producer have his strength in certain genres though there are exceptional ones.

Don’t forget to get a good photographer with a professional camera, good choice of location (indoor or outdoor). Your choice of costumes and posture/ shot should tell a story. Request the service of a good graphic designer who understands concepts deeply and the uniqueness of design.

Every good product requires good marketing, people need to hear your song(s), consult a good blogger, online promoter and digital music platforms to get your songs to a wide audience. Let your song travel.

Let’s take it a notch higher…
Learn from the pros.

Lastly, Character supercedes Charisma…Build godly character.

God deserves the best, give Him the best!

Yours truly,

Paul Ishaya

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