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CHH rapper and Indie artiste Same OG, drops her latest single titled “Made Free”.

Music amongst other things, births conversations and this song. Made Free, is a “real Life – Real issue” masterpiece.

So many people have in one time before or maybe currently going through some issues and instead of Same OG doing a “turn up track”, she rather made this one a *heart-felt song*

In her words;

” I lost 2 of my friends from THE FAITH because they said they couldn’t keep up with the “demands of being a Christian”.

I wish they understood better and didn’t see Christ as a “taskmaster” or a “dictator” who insists that you must be perfect to keep HIM as a Father. “

Are you feeling guilt, pressurized, depressed, suicidal or even ashamed for whatever reason?? CHRIST HAS MADE YOU FREE! Don’t give up on GOD! YES – You’ve been MADE FREE!

Made Free Link – HERE

Song Producer by Amadin and mastered By Lummy Tee.

Watch Lyrics Video Below:


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