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Music: Ina Marmarin Yesu – Abel Waziri

INA MARMARIN YESU is a song given to me Abel Waziri by the visitation of the Holy Spirit. It simply means, I’m desperate, thirsty, and a hungry soul for Jesus, that’s all about the song. In our present generation, it is discovered all we need is JESUS, yes this generation needs JESUS.
INA MARMARIN YESU is a song that touches the writer “Abel Waziri” , anytime he listens to the song. It also perpetrates tears dripping from his eyes as the song is a direct ministration to his soul.
Human strength, no matter how educated and well exposed, no matter how wise or talented, and no matter how gifted or qualified, there is no qualification to know Jesus. Just know him.
This song should also be a direct ministration to you and others around you. Be thirsty and hunger for Christ today.
Download, listen, share and enjoy.

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