Gospel music minister Emmanuel Oloruntoba speaks on “The Essence of the Anointing and skills in the gospel genre”

The Essence of the Anointing and skills in the gospel genre

Gospel music minister Emmanuel Oloruntoba speaks on “The Essence of the Anointing and Skills in the gospel genre”


Since immemorial, music has had a powerful influence on people of all ages. It is impossible to overstate the essence of music since it speaks a language that everyone can relate to.

Today’s discussion focuses on the essence of skill and the anointing in the gospel genre.
Do you think a gospel musician can be anointed and still be skilful at the same time? Kindly read through.

Many references were made to certain biblical characters in scripture but permit to site David as an example.
The Bible says “He was an excellent musician” (1 Sam 16:18 msg). In other words an embodiment of uncommon skill and a surreal anointing at its peak.

No matter how highly regarded David may be in his field, no one would have suggested him to a king as long as the necessary requirements were lacking.

In the chronicles of kings, one had to execute flawlessly, skillfully, and with a god kind of wisdom when standing before a king in whatever capacity there is.

You have no business seeking the applause of nobles if what you do as a musician is to centre only on the anointing and less of competence. However, possessing this prime factor is beautiful, but with the touch of excellence (skill) standing tall would always be a rare reward.

Let’s put it this way: the anointing will empower your music, but the high cost of greatness (excellence) will draw men of influence and stature to give you an audience.

If your primary focus is anointing and less competence, then aiming for the admiration of kings and nobles is an effort in futility.
Pay the price for the anointing yet don’t settle for what has no value in the school of excellence. (Read this again and again till it sinks deeply.)

We need more gospel songs in the Grammy’s. Let’s quit this mediocre mindset of saying it is not all about the award. How then do we teach principalities and powers of the manifold wisdom of God when we put out a piece of music that is below standard?

The anointing is key but with an excellent spirit (skill) comes open doors.

Joshua Daniel

Nigerian based gospel minister CEO of Revelationmusik, a blogger, a social media manager and an entrepreneur. I have worked with so many notable names and award-winning artists in the Gospel genre of Christian music, both locally and internationally.

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