Download all Apostle ‘Caleb David Messages’ (The NewBreed Company) 2023

Download all apostle caleb david delivers a brand New sound 'Caleb David Messages' (TheNewBreed) 2023

Download all Apostle ‘Caleb David Messages’ (The NewBreed company) 2023

Life doesn’t begin until after an encounter with LIFE Himself! Until you’re at that place where the light from His face shines upon you and as you contemplate the dimensions of His love you bow in absolute surrender! 

It’s the place where all other seemingly worthy modes your life would have sustained become pale as you see the beauty of His Call: the call to know and to be known of Him.

In Addition, Caleb David is a minister of the gospel.  A prolific singer, musician, songwriter and producer. His tunes are incredibly anointed. Being a minister in word also, his songs are lyrically rich and thought-provoking.

The artist is quiet with regard to his exclusive matters. We understand that he hails from Kogi State, and is currently based in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Caleb David began ministering at an early age; Speaking at meetings and leading congregations in worship. Caleb David’s songs have become very popular and trendy online with a great number of streaming and downloads on Revelationmsik.


After his first album in 2009, He began to make strides in audio engineering as a producer and gained much recognition in the wake of introducing his first-class melody ‘Yabe Ka ‘ which was released in 2013. Then Shortly after, the release of the TO LIVE album with Spirit lifting songs like ‘ Be It Unto Me‘ and ‘ Shine your light ‘ quickly travelled across the sores of Africa.

Download all Pastor ‘Caleb David Messages’ (TheNewBreed) 2023


  3. The Spirit’s Witness (Jesus) – DOWNLOAD NOW!

  4. The Witness Of The Spirit(sons) – DOWNLOAD NOW!

  5. Witnesses – DOWNLOAD NOW!

  6. Writings – DOWNLOAD NOW!

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