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Download Hymnal By Felicia K. Ft Dr Christine Skambo || Pst Kingsley Ike

Download Hymnal By Felicia K, the beautiful medley is a Hymnal, sung in both English and her native dialect Igala. Please don’t miss this powerful worship experience, download Hymnal and share with the world.



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Felicia K was born to the family of Mary and Rev. B.O Adama of Qua Iboe Church now known as United Evangelical Mission. She grew up as a ‘church girl’, loving God and the things of God without reservations. Felicia’s love for music drove her into joining various music groups growing up, so much that she became the FCS choir mistress while she was in JSS 2, she became the only junior student who was an Ex co. The quest for more led her to Praise Chapel Kaduna (International Praise Cathedral) in 1995, where she became a chorister in 1996 till date. Music is her life and her life is music.

This Hymnal is a collection of four great hymns and songs as writing by:
Bill and Gloria Gaither (Burdens are lifted at Calvary),
Lewis Hartsough (1872) (I hear thy welcome voice)
Manie Payne Ferguson (Fairest of all the earth beside), and
William Hunter (the great physician now is near).

Hymns have such lyrical content that transcends generations and is unequaled.
The motive behind this medley is to point our generation back to Calvary, the cross and to Jesus the Lord of all.

This medley was produces by Ebenezer Iriemi, Felicia featured Dr. Christine Skambo, a great preacher, singer, songwriter, author, intellectual, mother, mentor and coach, and Pastor Kingsley Ike aka The Wamilele King, who is also the Senior Pastor of Greenland Ministries.



*Hymnal (English/Igala)* Lyrics
*(Burdens are lifted at Calvary)*
Burdens are lifted at Calvary Calvary, Calvary Burdens are lifted at Calvary Jesus is very near
*(I hear they welcome voice)*
I hear Thy welcome voice,
  That calls me, Lord, to Thee,
For cleansing in Thy precious blood
  That flowed on Calvary.
 I am coming, Lord,
  Coming now to Thee:
Wash me, cleanse me in the blood
    That flowed on Calvary.
*(Fairest of all / that man of Calvary)*
Uw Ẹnutọ ki t’uma le (Fairest of all the earth beside,)
Abo-Wẹ duu añwulọ Wẹ (Chiefest of all unto Thy bride,)
Ukefu ỌJỌ def uwẹ, (Fullness divine in Thee I see,)
Uwẹ, Ẹnutọ Kalfari (Beautiful Man of Calvary!)
Ẹnẹ kalfari lẹ (That Man of Calvary)
Lam umi ẹdọ gbẹ (Has won my heart from me,)
I lekwu koji mi; (And died to set me free,)
Mẹ gw’Ẹnẹ Kalfari (Blest Man of Calvary!)
*(The Great Physician)*
Atẹko ki nyọ d’emi fai (The Great Physician now is near,)
Jisọs ki l’ejumomi (The sympathizing Jesus;)
Ọla-Wñ k’I ka any on ẹdọ; (He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,)
Mẹ gb’omukọla Jisọs (Oh, hear the voice of Jesus!)
Eli duu k’onẹ akọ, (Sweetest note in seraph song;)
Alu duu k’od onẹ dẹ (Sweetest name on mortal tongue;)
I n’ee-du ki t’e-i len; (Sweetest carol ever sung:)
Jisọs, OODU Jisọs. (Jesus, blessed Jesus!)


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