Dami Gbadero ‘Biography’, Songs, Career, Family & ministry

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Dami Gbadero ‘Biography’, Songs, Career, Family & ministry


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FULL NAME Oluwadamilola Elisha Gbadero
STAGE NAME Dami Gbadero
AGE 9th April 1993
CAREER Musician,
FAMILY Rev and Mrs Gbadero
ALBUMS Many single songs & 7 track EP

Dami Gbadero 'Biography', Songs, Career, Family & ministry

Dami Gbadero 'Biography', Songs, Career, Family & ministry
Dami Gbadero ‘Biography’, Songs, Career, Family & ministry

Dami Gbadero BIOGRAPHY

Dami Gbadero (Full name: Oluwadamilola Elisha Gbadero) popularly known as Omo Iya Dami, is a Nigerian singer, writer, public speaker and entrepreneur., came to the limelight after the release of his song, BOLD, in 2019.


Dami Gbadero was born in Kaduna, on 9th April 1993, where he also grew up. He graduated from the University of Abuja, Nigeria with a BSc in Chemistry (Industrial) in 2015, and has a PGD in Environmental Management from Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA), Kaduna.

Dami Gbadero 'Biography', Songs, Career, Family & ministry
Dami Gbadero ‘Biography’, Songs, Career, Family & ministry



Dami Gbadero is the first child of Rev and Mrs Gbadero, who pastor in a Baptist


Church in Kaduna. Growing up in a very strong Christian background in Northern Nigeria was instrumental to many of his expressions today, little wonder his songs often come with a range of northern elements.

Dami Gbadero 'Biography', Songs, Career, Family & ministry

Dami Gbadero 'Biography', Songs, Career, Family & ministry
Dami Gbadero ‘Biography’, Songs, Career, Family & ministry
Musical Career:

Dami Gbadero began his musical journey from a young age in the church and school choir, and it was just all about a young boy doing a random thing until after a widely applauded live rendition of Solomon Lange’s hit song, Nagode, during a series of church events. From then on, it was obvious this was a path marked out for him to follow.

His music started to gain more acceptance in 2019, after the release of BOLD, he has since released a number of amazing songs, (KOREDELE, LOVE ME ANYWAY, WILDFIRE, OPOR JU, etc) and an exceptional 7-track EP, Out Of The Shadows. His most recent song is called, DEEP, and it’s been such a tremendous blessing.




Dami Gbadero is single.



Aside from being a singer, writer and public speaker.  Dami Gbadero is also very passionate about building systems, platforms and structures that help people win, fueled by keen interests in corporate strategy and social solutions. His dynamism in balancing multiple talents and hats gives him wide leverage on several subjects ranging from leadership, capacity building, finance,

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entrepreneurship, innovation, arts and creativity. He is also the CEO of SwapHouse, a budding disruptive enterprise focused on promoting divergent culture through arts, events, fashion, innovation and new technology. They are the organisers of The Wave Concert, The Threshing Floor Conference (TFC), a host of other events. He is a certified TEDx speaker, and he also writes under the pseudo name Omo Iya Dami, his collection of short stories, #storiesfrompluto,  is such a thrilling reading experience.


Dami Gbadero is definitely a force to be reckoned with. His approach to his music, writing, and public speaking is sure to leave an indelible impression on you. He’s really one man to look out for.


You can follow him

Facebook: @Dami Gbadero

Instagram: @damigbadero


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Nigerian based gospel minister CEO of Revelationmusik, a blogger, a social media manager and an entrepreneur. I have worked with so many notable names and award-winning artists in the Gospel genre of Christian music, both locally and internationally.

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