Tim-shi ‘Babu SamSam’ Mp3 Download & lyrics 2022

Mp3 Download: Tim-shi 'Babu SamSam'

Tim-shi ‘Babu SamSam’ Mp3 Download & lyrics 2022

Download “Tim-shi” title ‘Babu SamSam’ Latest 2022 Gospel songs Mp3 & Top Christian Videos & Lyrics new or old Gospel songs, Hausa songs, English songs & more.

The song Babu SamSam is a Hausa song which would be highly understood by most Nigerians especially those in the north. This song was inspired a few days after my wedding when I was just thinking about the realities of marriage and the commitment of responsibilities.

Fear gripped me so strongly knowing fully that only God could help. I heard a voice say to me, it’s the devil trying to disrupt the plans of God concerning your life. And that, those who belong to the household of faith in Jesus Christ, are usually the aiming point of the devil but, the devil has failed because Jesus is in our lives.

This quickly reminds me of what the bible says, for those who are in Christ Jesus, they’ve got the right to become sons and daughters of the most high (God). The devil’s power has failed both in the marketplaces, businesses, families, upon children of God, academics, in Africa and in Nigeria and even at our various localities. We can only enjoy this liberty and what I considered as palliatives, only when Jesus is in our lives.

Please, download this song, listen to it and share it with someone. When you do, yourself, you are sharing the gospel of the Lord’s saviour Jesus Christ.


Tim-shi ‘Babu SamSam’ Mp3 Download & lyrics 2022

Follow the link below to download Tim-shi ‘Babu SamSam’ Mp3 & lyrics 2022

Tim-shi 'Babu SamSam' Mp3 Download & lyrics 2022
Tim-shi ‘Babu SamSam’ Mp3 Download & lyrics 2022

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