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Music: Nabaka Girma-IsraelBigDad ft Sir E

Israelite Micah Big Daddy, a kaduna based music minister is out with another song “NA BAKA GIRMA” Ft. Sir E Abuja Based music minister. The song was  written by minister Israelite in 2018 and sang in 2019.
a song “NA BAKA GIRMA” express offering gratitude, respect as an act of worship to God for the good things he has done.
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My words are not enough to testify, all the good things you’ve done in my life.
My heart can not express the way I feel of your grace and mercies onto me, what would I bring to you my savior to show how much I’m fretful
What would I give to you ya yesu,  to that you’re so good in my life…
Na Baka yabo harabada
Na Baka Sujada
Zan Baka yabo harabada( 2x)
Tongues chant
GIRMA Naka ne uba, what you’ve done for me I don’t deserve
 you’ve  changed my life and make me whom I am
What you’ve done for I don’t deserve..
What can I give to you oh God for what you’ve done
I can now give to you uuhhh
You brought me up from the miry clay God
You set my feet upon the rock to stay ahheehh
it’s by your grace and your mercies
Dalilin rayuwata ubangiji, if not for you where would I be, Mai jinkai zan yabe Ka (2x)
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    we are highly grateful.
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