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Minstrel K I – Most Stylish Gospel Male Artiste in Nigeria.

Minstrel KI all complete songs

Minstrel K I ‘Most Stylish’

Fashion meets gospel:  Minstrel K I – Most Stylish Gospel Male Artiste in Nigeria.

Kingsley Innocent also known as “KI” is a God-lover who expresses such through his music.

As a gospel singer, songwriter, and producer he believes that these abilities should be a blessing to this generation. He has done a lot of songs and numerous features. He’s currently under SLIC Records.

Musicians might get famous for their music but their sense of style is another iconic part of their persona and performances.

Minstrel K I ‘Most Stylish’

Minstrel K I 'Most Stylish'

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The world including the church desires spirit-filled lyrics, an excellent production mixed with the latest fashion trends to the newest approach of styling, down to the introduction of new brands to the market by artists.

Minstrel K I 'Most Stylish'

Minstrel K I ‘Most Stylish’

The world we are in now has moved far from more than just what artists sing as the listeners want to connect more with the artiste’s personality, the God they serve, and of course their fashion sense.

Minstrel k i: The award-winning Prolific songwriter, Producer, and amazing artist with an awesome love for fashion is a typical example of a man in suits. His classy, fancy, sharp suits merged with neat awesome tailoring makes him one of the best dressed when it comes to every major event he is in. His picks of wears ranging from suits, blazers, dinner suits always make him look classic, timeless, and sharp.

Several artists in the gospel music industry have not only established themselves as just good vocalists but have also demonstrated excellence and moderation when it comes to dressing, with many creatively creating a unique image for themselves and gradually making their mark as one of the best-dressed artists, not just in the gospel music scene but in the whole Nigerian music industry.

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Minstrel K I 'Most Stylish'


This is however not a form of ranking for awards but based on our fashion expert’s review over the course of a period.


Source: Joshuadaniel.com.ng


Joshua Daniel

Nigerian based gospel minister CEO of Revelationmusik, a blogger, a social media manager and an entrepreneur. I have worked with so many notable names and award-winning artists in the Gospel genre of Christian music, both locally and internationally.

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