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July 31, 2021 Music: JoeTims – Ruhu Mai tsarki

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Joseph Tanimu popularly know as Joetims is a gospel music Minister a worshiper rooted in God and ordained by God Grace. He base in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The song Ruhun Mai tsarki kazo (come holy Spirit) is birth from a deep heart of helplessness, a generation, where no one to turn to, our strength has failed, friends, money, connection all failed the one and only last hope is the holy Spirit (Ruhun Mai tsarki) the source of our help.





Kazo… kazo…(come) Ruhun Mai tsarki (holy Spirit) kazo….(2*) …..

kazo….kazo…(come) Ruhun Mai tsarki ( holy Spirit) kazo….

We need you Lord …..

Dwell among us Lord show your present Lord….

we need you Lord….. heart are open we are ready pour your blessings…

Ruhun Mai tsarki. Kazo…..(2*).

Heart are open we are ready for your blessings….

Ruhun Mai tsarki… Kazo…(.2*).

Kazo………kazo… (come) Ruhun Mai tsarki (Holy Spirit) kazo….(2*).

(Bridge) breaking every york breaking every chains is healing setting captives.

Free Ruhun Mai tsarki Yana sokowa (holy Spirit is coming down)…..

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