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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Singer Ahud-Joyfullness_prod. Emma Dada

Ahud Bitrus popularly known as Singer Ahud is a famous and a contemporary worshiper.. He live and hail from Kaduna state of Northern Nigeria.He started music since at 6years and he has released 5 albums and severals singles.Singer,Ahud has received multiples Awards in the gospel music ministry and he has performed both locals and international invited programs/shows.Singer Ahud is a holder of B.A,degree PDE,roffesional Diploma in advance Education and he obtained Masters Degree in Arts (M.A) and Humanities at Kaduna State University. Singer Ahud has released another hit worship single tittle “Joyfulness.” Produced by Emma Dada .The rate of deppression in the lives of mankind is quite alarming Thus,Joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit therefore, I pray depression will turn to impression

JoyBlessings,Lifting,Victory,Peace,Laughter,Grace,and favor upon your life and family in Jesus mightyy name amen. Please download and share below. God bless y’all..I Agape Theos!!!          





VERSE 1                    

I will sing for Joy Cos I’m alive. I will sing for joy Cos I’ ve joy   I will sing for joy. Cos I’m redeem.              



 I got joy the joy of the Lord,

I got joy of the Holy ghosts .                    


VERSE  2                  

Righteousness and peace that’s the kingdom of God righteousness and peace that’s the kingdom of God Righteousness and Joy that’s the kingdom of God.              

The joy of the Lord is my strength


I got joy the joy of the Lord I got joy of the Holy Ghost.                       




Chants in tongues of prayers and impartion.


 I got joy the joy of the Lord, I got joy of the Holy Ghost.

 OUTRO…violin rythym.Fades


Social handlers

Facebook: Singer Ahud

Instagram: Singer Ahud

Twitter: Singer Ahud

WhatsApp: 08068461327

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Singer Ahud_(Confidence +Here i am ft Jerry swamsidi)



Ahud Bitrus known as singer Ahud is a famous and a respected person in Nigeria and in the world at large.

Singer Ahud hail from Kaduna state born 27th july 1989. He is a Graduate of Kaduna state university , he obtained his degree and master’s degree in the  same university .He also obtained a professional diploma in education, praise God!

However, singer Ahud is a powerful worship leader, he has performs a lots of invites programmed /shows both local and international.

His aim is to attain a world class music. Ahud worship always bring down God’s Glory and power thereby making people to experience God’s love, peace, joy, healing in their body and soul simultaneously.

Nature of the song

This song here I am tends to make you experience God’s call to also harken to God’s work and above all do it.

The song was done by singer Ahud featuring Pst. Jerry Swam sidi.





         Here am I send me

 Solo 1

I remember you come to Samuel

To Samuel you call him three times, Samuel 3x

Lord I Want you to call me the same the same way you call Samuel 2x

 send me


Here I am send me 4x

Solo 2

I hear your voice Calling me, 2x

Here I am lord send

Where you go, where send me

I will go, where lead me I will

Go hold my hands, here I am send me

Use me as a vessel unto honor

Where u go a will follow to the end of the earth I will preach word in season and out of season


Singer Ahud is a contemporary musician. He genre is on R&B, hip hop reggae, soul , afrobeat, dance hall, pop music etc.

He has performed both near and abroad. He love seeing Jesus Christ being lifted high.

He makes you to experience God’s power, love, Peace and joy perfectly both in praise and in worship thereby drawing men closer to God.

Nature of the song (confidence in Jesus)

This song is a hip hop reggae title confidence in Jesus. The song confidence in Jesus debunk the present pandemic covid 19 that has awfully affected humanity globallybut no matter the challenged you are facing Jesus still have the answer, therefore have confidence in him, I know you will be mightybless by this song I am very optimistic. please Download and share, thank you.

The song


Faith is the things hope for evidence

of things not seen 2x

When you put your trust in the lord Jesus

he will never let u down 2x


Confidence I have o lord

You are the confidence lord Jesus 3x

eh eh eh eh 2x

Solo 2

Cast all your cares on him

He will never let u down 2x

When u put your trust

in the Lord Jesus

he will never lead u down

when you cast your care upon him

he will never lead u down



Social handlers

Facebook: singer ahud

Twitter: singer ahud

Instragram: singerahud

Whatsapp: 08068461327,09017713537

Album:Sir Joe_Faithful God

  Showing gratitude and appreciation to God for what he has done,for what he is yet to do, gives you access to more blessings,uplift ment and unmerited favour,this song is an expression of a heart feel gratitude of worship and adoration to the almighty is not just a song bt a song that carry life itself, listening to this song will bring a renewal in your spirit.join me as we worship and declare his faithfulness to all creations.listen and be bless I a sure you that your life will never be the same   DOWNLOAD THE FULL ALBUM  




I”ll trust you lord_First Album