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July 1, 2021 Music: Yesu Da Dadin Tsiya by Emma Dada

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Emma Dada is a renounce music producer and a gospel artist based in Kaduna state of Nigeria, He is said to be one of the bass guitar “guru” in and outside Nigeria.

The song title “Yesu Da Dadin Tsiya” was originally written and sang in 2009 and was later remix through the leadership of the “Trinity” in the year 2021 (that’s 12 years after the first song was produced) all by Emma Dada

The song “Yesu Da Dadin Tsiya” express how Jesus Christ who is sweeter than sugar, honey and anything mankind can think. It also express how some anointed men of God have testified how sweet Jesus is

I want to also make a call for all that will listen to this song not to only enjoy the rhythm but should also listen to the words

Lastly, my prayers is that God should bless each soul that will listen to this song and to make the soul to testify how sweet Jesus is.

It’s not by power, one love all
Emma Dada



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