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Lawrence Oyor Gomba is an evangelist who is a catalyst of hunger and passion for God, he’s also a gospel minister whose ministry aims at awakening hearts to worship God and stir them to love God.


As a result of his deep hunger and passion for God, he started a ministry , together with his twin, Godswill Oyor. Its called ‘Davidic Minstrels’. This movement has helped putting coals of fire on the tongues and hearts of people, through the demonstration of the love and power of God. The Davidic Minstrels- Oyor Brothers, released their first album titled ‘Sound Wars’ which consists of several songs and chants, some of which will be mentioned I’m the subsequent paragraphs.

Lawrence Oyor can be said to be an ardent lover of God, as can be felt in his songs and chants, and is well known for his song titled ‘Bowl of Fire’, for its divinely connecting nature.

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