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July 2, 2021 Music: Modupe Balogun_You are God

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 Modupe Balogun, from Ogun State,Nigeria.
Am passionate about God and my desire is to see that I share this same love to others through song.
My encounter with Lord Jesus in words,revealation is so powerful and Glorious.
Most time I discovered even when am down and weak, but there is one things that gives me strenght which is songs.
This song’s came as a result of deep thinking towards God’s faithfulness, and I heard God said you will worship me with songs.
Then the song came into my spirit then I heard the sound YOU ARE GOD.



One thought on “Music: Modupe Balogun_You are God”

  1. I love Modupe Balogun and know her as if she were my own flesh and blood. She is so passionate about God just like her brother Abbas as well as their parents. The songs both write come from the throne of God and are very anointed.

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