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The song AGUNECHEMBA is a powerful worship song that ascribes Greatness to God our maker.
AGUNECHEMBA is an igbo word that means

Godwin EY is an Abuja based Nigerian Recording Singer,Songwriter and


Godwin hails from the city of Kafanchan in the Southern part of Kaduna State where he did his primary and secondary education.
Godwin EY’s music journey started a long time ago as far back as 2001 when his Late Father Mr Franco Musa Yakubu will take him to choir rehearsals every Thursday’s and Saturdays in St Peter Catholic Church Kafanchan. His late Dad was also a Songwriter who sometimes write songs for Godwin and his elder sister to sing.
his father played a significant role for his love for music even when he don’t want to do it he sometimes get forced by his dad to sing and write.
in 2008 Godwin wrote and recorded his first Rap song.
to him he Started music professionally as a career in the year 2011 when he recorded the song OH AFRICA.


in the year 2014 Godwin EY gave his to Christ and started preaching the Gospel through songs since then he has been blessing souls.


Godwin is a Powerful minister of the spirit, He is known for his wonderful Vocals and aloring persona singing from Rnb to Afro and leading audience to a breathtaking atmosphere of Worship.
Godwin EY also sings in different languages like English, Igbo,Hausa,Yoruba,Idoma,Igala and jju Languages.
He cites Don Moen,Ron Kennoly and Panam Percy Paul and His late Dad Franco Musa Yakubu as peoples he drew inspirations from and grew up listening to.


He Released his first official single THANKSGIVING in 2020, Followed by Another powerful sound AGUNECHEMBA in 2021 which are Massively blessing lives worldwide.
expect more spirit filled songs from Godwin EY.
you can follow him on all social media


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(Speaking in tongues)

Verse 1

Onye nzoputa (my deliverer)
Ibu chukwu onyenememma
(You are the God that does Good)
Chukwu ehh (God)
Chim eh (My God)
Agam para halleluyah para
(I bring halleluyah)
NaraEkele jehovah moh
(Receive all the praise my jehovah)
Nara otuto jehovah meh
(Receive all the worship my jehovah)
Naraekele jehovah moh
(Receive all the praise my jehovah)
Nara otuto chinememma
(Receive all the worship good God)
Onyebuliri’m elu
(The one that lifts me up)
Lord you are the lifter of my head
Onyenagworia, ekwueme
(Mighty Healer, The one that says and does)
Ezem idighi agbanwe agbanwe
(My King you are Unchangeble)
Naraekele jehovah moh
(Receive all praise my jehovah)
Naraotuto jehovah meh
(Receive all worship mu jehovah)
Naraekele jehovah moh
(Receive all praise my jehovah)
Naraotuto chukwuabiama
(Receive all worship God of Abraham)

Agunechemba meh
(The lion that watches over the Land)
Ibu agunechemba
(You are the lion that watches over the land)
Agunechemba chukwu oo
You are the God of the heavens and the earth
Lord you reign on high
You are the lion and the lamb
When you roar no one can stand
Agunechemba chukwu eh
Agunechemba daddy meh
You are the lion and the lamb
What you say is what you do
Agunechemba meh
Agunechemba chukwu ehh

Spoken Words

For the name jesus was giving to man
As inheritance
That by the mention of the name Jesus
Every knee shall bow
And every tongue must confess that jesus is God
By the mention of the name jesus
Sickness bow affliction bow
And all troubles of life flee
For i am the God
Who raised the dead
For i am the God who gives life and taketh
I am Yahweh Ahaya Asha Ahaya
The everlasting king who sits on the throne of Glory forever and ever

Agunechemba meh
Agunechemba chukwu meh
Eze ndi eze agunchemba moh
(King of kings the lion that watches over the land)
Odogwu akataka agunechemba chukwu eh
(Fearless warior, the lion that watches over the land,God)
Osimmiriatata agunechemba moh
(River that never runs dry, the Lion that watches over the land)
Okosisi nechendu, agunechemba meh
(The mighty tree of life, the lion that watches over the land)

Joshua Daniel

Nigerian based gospel minister CEO of Revelationmusik, a blogger, a social media manager and an entrepreneur. I have worked with so many notable names and award-winning artists in the Gospel genre of Christian music, both locally and internationally.

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  1. Agunechemba the lion of the Tribe of Judah. This song is so powerful it has blessed me so much. I listened to this song every night before I sleep it gives me this feeling knowing my father in heaven is watching over me while I sleep.God bless you EY for being a blessing to my life

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