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June 20, 2021 Music: Na Gani-Steve Bellz ft Apro

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Nigeria Gospel Minister STEVEBELLS who brings the artistic passion and diversity of the city to his music. After over a decade of recording with Anointed Gospel Minister, groups, Stevebellz steps onto the gospel music scene as a solo artist with his debut single from his recent album, NA GANI This song brings home the message of GOD and Worship with a pure heart of thanksgiving. Encouraging everyone that JESUS is  LORD


He said “It’s sad we pretend ignoring what’s happening, We always pray for things to be better not knowing what the scripture said about this end time. Many will become lovers of money, they will be war and rumors of war(Math 24:6-7),oh! we have forgotten so soon.look around, our lands are becoming grave yards, under age death because normal and yet we are expecting things to be the way it use to be.
I tell you beloved, I write this not on my own but by the power of God, now is the time we need to stop our evil deeds and embrace Christ for the time has come”.






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