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Ladygudnez ‘Baba mimo’ Mp3 Download & Lyrics 2022

Ladygudnez Delivers a powerful song 'Baba mimo'


Download Ladygudnez ‘Baba mimo’

“Ladygudnez” dazzles with the new single  “BABA MIMO”, a song that speaks of personal worship to God, a lifestyle that can not be delegated.
Consider the beauty, the wonder, the magnificence, the awe-inspiring times of praise in the SECRET PLACE.
There is nothing to be compared to it.

Ladygudnez ‘Baba mimo’ Mp3

As great as corporate worship may be, with a magnificent pipe organ and full orchestra and a congregation singing at full volume, it cannot compare to the SECRET PLACE where our best work is done and where God’s best work is accomplished in us.

Follow the link below to download and listen: Ladygudnez ‘Baba mimo’

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  1. this song comes from divine inspiration from the deepest part of the secrets of God, just to give him thanks, God bless u Lady goodness…. edge o baba

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