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Kaestrings (Kingsley Innocent Owoicho-Oche) Complete Biography

Complete Kaestrings Biography, Songs,Wife, Ministry

Kaestrings (Kingsley Innocent Owoicho-Oche) Complete Biography, Songs,Wife, Ministry


(Kingsley Innocent Owoicho-Oche
AGE November 24th
STATE & COUNTRY Benue state,Nigeria


Who is Kaestrings?

Kingsley Innocent Owoicho-Oche professionally known asKaestrings” born on November 24th in a Christian household of seven children, is Idoma by tribe. He is one of the great music ministers who originate from Kaduna state and his impact as well as the Kingdom’s influence reached thousands of people by the Spirit of God.

His Little Beginning

Kaestrings started singing at a very tender age, although later decided to expand his vocal capacity from the year 2011 to 2013, as a result, invitations for ministration in different churches started coming in. As a child, the Kaestrings were generally given the opportunity to lead songs in the children’s choir at his church at Gospel Ministry International (GMI) Zaria.

“I grew up watching my brothers sing and that’s why I loved to sing too” Kaestrings hypothesized.

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Educational Background

The eminent gospel music singer “Kaestrings” is a graduate of the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University situated in Zaria, Kaduna state, He studied Fine Arts as a course, majoring in the Art History section and apart from that he really loves music.

Why the name Kaestrings?

Minstrel Kaestrings said in an interview, “I love music and make it. That’s how the epithet Kaestrings came about. I love singing, and I also love playing acoustic guitar. Most of all, I love Jesus!”

Kaestrings also works for Eternity Network International (Koinonia E.NI), under the leadership of the Apostle Joshua Selman.

Kaestrings Biography and songs, wife, ministry

Apart from music, Kaestrings is also devoted to drawing, sketching and drafting, but above all considers music to be the pinnacle of his profession.

Relationship Status

 Kaestrings Biography and songs, wife, ministry
Kaestrings Biography and songs, wife, ministry
Kaestrings Biography and songs, wife, ministry
Kaestrings Biography and songs, wife, ministry

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Kaestrings is currently married to Victoria Emmanuel. She has really been a source of underpinning and brainwave for him and his career. She is the frontier of the 31 lineages.


Kaestrings Biography and songs, wife, ministry


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