Artists Management

Artists Management

Revelationmusik is a company working towards achieving a standard music record label, to discover and encourage artists, help them reach their potential and create a good atmosphere where music can strive in all the cosmos.

Creating and committing ourselves to do things that will inspire us musically

that will help every artist reach their goals and stick with them,

Digital music promoting platform, where artists can buy and sell their music worldwide.

The concept about us, revelationmusik store is to have both young and old, artists and non-Artistes enjoy our service
discovering most upcoming artists don’t get anything from their Music

and so they tend to give up on their dreams. Changing the narratives.

Multiple acts with large social media following interested in signing to the label and also distributing to major music stores, Music distribution to all major online stores secured via revelationmusik, including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and Google Play.


We are not only a record label but also digital music promoting platform, where artists can buy and sell their music worldwide.
On average an artist on revelationmusik earns 60 -70% of their iTunes revenue and also Spotify

There are over 20,000 subscribers on our platform streaming, and downloading music worldwide.

We have new business partners both local and international and a web, and social media presence. Our target market is the youth from Age 16 -to 28, mostly popular in African Countries

Revelationmusik is creating brand recognition and new marketing opportunities by developing,

implementing and evaluating plans to promote releases and sales,

through PR strategies and social media campaigns.

Also securing deals for TVs, Films and Games. The artiste has 60% while we keep 40% of every income made.

Our mobile apps for Blackberry phones (Available for FREE on Blackberry Appworld),

Android phones (Google Play Store), Apple Store (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch) and

via a variety of media players including windows media player,

Winamp and other media players are accessible from our website.

What makes us unique is that we don’t just play music,

we have a variety of programmes aimed at strengthening the Church

and spreading the gospel beyond the limited geographical location with the help of technology.








Professionalism: Delivery at the highest level of expertise

Relationship: Creating and nurturing connection

Affection: Unflinching passion for our mission

Integrity: Impeccable lifestyle

Service: Positive attitude to responsibilities

Excellence: Displaying creative wisdom

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