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Music: Caleb David – To Worship

Music: Caleb David – To Worship

Life doesn’t begin until after an encounter with LIFE Himself! Until you’re at that place where the light from His face shine upon you and as you contemplate the dimensions of His love you bow in absolute surrender! 

Its the place where all other seemingly worthy modes your life would have sustained become pale as you see the beauty of His Call:the call to know and to be known of Him.

Music: Caleb David – To Worship

Its in this place that your heart is united in the fear of His name and the passion in His heart ignites you into a desperate pursuit of Him so that nothing stands in the way of your becoming one with He who is altogether worthy!

This,my friend, is true worship! and it’s my prayer that out of us the Lord would raise for  Himself a generation of true worshipers.

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