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NEWS: 9 Amazing facts you should know about Min. Lawrence Oyor

9 Amazing facts you should know about Min. Lawrence Oyor
Ever heard a song by Min. Lawrence Oyor or heard about him from a friend, or even attended a program where he ministered in songs? Well here’s 9 amazing things you should know about this wonderful man of God! Read below.
1) Lawrence Oyor Gomba is an evangelist who is a catalyst of hunger and passion for God, he’s also a gospel minister whose ministry aims at awakening hearts to worship God and stir them to love God.
2) He’s known for his revival songs and chants which creates quite an atmosphere that sets souls on fire.
 3) He was born on the 16th of June, to a Christian family based in Ibadan, Oyo state, in the western part of the country, and is in his late 20s.
4) Evangelist Lawrence Oyor was born a twin into the family of Pastor and Mrs. G.F Oyor, the overseers of God Will Do It ministries, Farayola Layout, Bodija, Ibadan.
5) He is a graduate of Law from the University of Ibadan.
6) As a result of his deep hunger and passion for God, he started a ministry , together with his twin, Godswill Oyor. Its called ‘Davidic Minstrels’. This movement has helped putting coals of fire on the tongues and hearts of people, through the demonstration of the love and power of God. The Davidic Minstrels- Oyor Brothers, released their first album titled ‘Sound Wars’ which consists of several songs and chants, some of which will be mentioned I’m the subsequent paragraphs.
7) Lawrence Oyor can be said to be an ardent lover of God, as can be felt in his songs and chants, and is well known for his song titled ‘Bowl of Fire’, for its divinely connecting nature.
8) He has written and ministered quite a number of songs with ministers like Pastor Daniel Olawande, Min. Theophilus Sunday and other spirit filled ministers, and few of these songs include;
-Fall in love with Jesus
-Awaken Love
-Ebin pa mi ft P-Daniel
-Jesu my love
-Simply put
-May it not be heard.
-I’m in Love
-Bowl of Fire
-Upside Down
9) As regards marriage, he is yet to get married, but in a facebook post early this year, said wedding bells will soon ring.
Hope you enjoyed this brief article? Thanks for reading!!

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