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July 3, 2021 Music: Redal _Tai mako na(My Help)

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REDAL is a Kaduna base music minister. TAIMAKO NA (My Help) was composed by her from the book of Isaiah 41:9-10 Which happen to be their 2021 text for the year Team “MY YEAR OF DIVIDE HELP” The song assures us of God’s continual help to us, his choosen people as we continue to hold on to his Promises.
REDAL is Married to an Ordained Minister of God. Revd. Longnan D.Dal.
You have chosen me
And have not cast me away
I will not fear for you are my God
You will strengthen and help me
You will uphold me
With the hand of your righteousness
Taimako na…
Taimako na….
Taimako na… Shine Yesu.
Karbi yabo, Girma, da Daukaka
Duka naka ne har’abada
Karbi yabo Girma da Daukaka
Don abubuwan da kayi Mani
Kai ka chiche ni daga hannu mugaye
Ka Kuma bude hangya in da baby hangya
My provider, protector, my refuge and my rock
My ever present help
Taimako na…
Taimako na….
Taimako na… Shine Yesu
Though the earth gives way and the mountains fall
Into the heart of the sea
Bazanji tsoro ba
Makiyayina, Mai Fansata
You will grant me Divine Help.
Taimako na….
Taimako na…
Taimako na…. Shine Yesu
Taimako na….
Yesu ne Taimako na
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
You will not leave me.

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