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Joseph Isaiah well known as Joseph Praize by the perfect grace of God,KAUNAR KA is a song I got inspired by God and the help of the Holy spirit demonstrating the Love God himself shown to an Unworthy and Unfaithful world John 3:16 by giving his only begotten son whom has no sin to be sin by laying down his life for me and others that we may have life in eternal to we that believe,and their is no greater Love than this John 15:13.

So therefore I urge us all to run to Christ for there is nothing on this earth that can be compared to his love,for in him there is life, in him there is no darkness at all, in him there is no sickness .
Finally he said it is finish John 19:29 whatever situation that you are in,  Jesus said it is finish .His Love is the greatest
Enjoy your Song and be blessed..Selah!





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