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So, it’s no news that Genesis Karami is set to drop a new project titled “No More Trapping His Glory.” Karami populary known, has been on the low-low with his musical pursuit (basically rap as a genre) for quite a while but has decided to hit the booth,but hitting it outside the booth, figuratively I mean(a think-outside-the-box scenario) LOL.
Yes, he’s well-known for his Afro Hip-hop hits like “Talku-Talku”Who Be Your Pastor” and “Sheyb Eyaff Do” but decided to dish out a different taste of meal to his supporters…

We can not just be eating eba and egusi everyday na. So to serve us well before taking a bow in rap…yeah, you heard right, he’s taking a bow.

He’s put up a lot of energy, passion, emotions and time to this work to scratch your long time itchy ears and hold you spell-bound for ever! Better to leave when the ovation is loudest,right? Well, his reason is beyond him but for Him, the Big Man upstairs. No wonder it’s titled “No More Trapping His Glory.”
So, we finally have a release date which would be on the 19th if June 2020.

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