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Myke E. Maigari is a gospel songwriter, Editor, composer, batik artist and voice coach. By the grace of God, during his undergraduate, he served as the NIFES Music Director, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu (2012/2013). Also, he served as the Osun state Music Director, NCCF Osun State chapter, during his NYSC(Anointed Generation SEC, 2016/2017). Presently, he is the Music Director of his local assembly.

“Karbi Sujada” in English means receiving the worship. It is a song that is expressed to God in English, Pidgin English, Hausa and Yoruba. In addition, Gabriel Zakka, Ann Bako, El-Shaddai King and Yaks Aruwa (AP2) are featured in the altogether glory-giving and worship to God, with their melodious and powerful vocals; declaring the handiwork of the creator of all good gifts to humanity (Psalm 19:1). Nabs24beat produced the song, while Sam AP2 mixed and mastered.
The bible also supports the view of giving praise and glory to God:
“Worthy are you, Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and we’re created”(Rev. 4:11).
“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God”(1Cor.10:31).
Karbi Sujada
(receive the worship)
Karbi yabo duk naka ne
(receive the praise it all belongs to you)
Karbi Sujada
(receive the worship)
Karbi yabo duk naka ne
(receive the praise it all belongs to you)
Stanza 1(Myke)
Spirit, you are the melody ringing in my heart,
Jesus, you are the word of the father Messiah,
Meditating on your goodness and kindness,
Has caused my heart swell up with praises,
No one compares to you in all the earth you are my God (my God)
Tani nwo tun gbega o
Biko se baba loke
Stanza 2(Gabriel)
Toh menene nake da shi
Wanda ba Kai ka bani ba?
Kalmomi sun kasa in bayana zurfin zuciyata,
Na zo da molo da garaya
In rangada wakar yabon ka,
Ga ni na Zama abin kallo
Ina tari sai an juyo
Toh menene zan baka,
(Zallan Sujada na kawo)
Karbi Sujada, karbi yabo duka naka ne
You’re my father, you’re my maker
(Receive all the glory today)
You’re my father, you’re my maker
(Receive all the honour today)
Karbi Sujada (Sujada)
Karbi yabo duk naka ne
Karbi Sujada (sujada)
Karbi yabo duk naka ne
Stanza 3(Ann)
I stand today to testify that you are God,
You’re my strength,
You’re my song,
You’re my all,
I will dance, I will shout and I will sing (o-o-o)
I will worship you with all my heart,
Hosanna Lord you reign,
Hosanna you reign on high.
Stanza 4(El-Shaddai)
You are the melody that’s ringing in my heart,
You are my rhythm and you are my rhyme,
It’s you who picked me from the mud and set my feet on higher ground
You brought me near to you and called me by your name
Hosanna, hosanna in the highest
Oh oh oh
Stanza 5(Yaks)
See! I go tell them say, na you be the God wey change my life o (change my life)
I go tell them say na you wey dey bless me everyday ( bless me yafu-yafu)
Showers of blessings I dey see 24/7(24/7)
Pass me the microphone let me sing,
You’ve been faithful God (faithful)
If papa God no dey my side o (please tell me)
Where I for dey?
See! If you ever leave my side o
(Wahala go dey)
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