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Download Music: Sunan yesu by kezi jep

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KEZI JEP, is a gospel music minister and a live performing artist from the northern Part of Nigeria/kaduna state.
 Who In 2019. released a single titled; “BABU KAMARKA” (No one like you) from his recent album GADO NA (My Inheritance) skillfully laid in his soft Hausa tune discribing the greatness of God.
 And now to the glory of God he is set to release a single titled“SUNAN YESU” (The name of Jesus ) a mixed Hausa and English lyrics.
Is an expression out of introspection about the name of Jesus and his excellent exceptional above all. Produce by Apro. I do hope the listener will be blessed and worship God with it. Remain bless.
There is no other name than the name of Jesus
There is no other name than the name of Jesus my Lord
You laid your life for me lord
I will bowdown in
 worship to you
I will give my all to you
Don sunan ka tafi girma
Sunan yesu
Sunan yesu
Babu wani suna kaman da kai
Sunan yesu
Sunan yesu
babu wani suna kamar ka 2x
Ayayah ayayah ayayahaahh
Ayayah Ayaya babu wani suna kamarka
Sunan yesu
Sunan yesu
Babu wani suna kamarka 2x
Ayayah ayayah
Babu wani suna kamarka 2x
Lead,I will lift my voice in praise and lift my hands to praise you
Back up
I will lift my Hands to praise you and lift my voice in worship 2x
Then chorus till fade

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