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Singer Ahud is a contemporary gospel musician. He has released about 5 Gospel  music album. He his a multi talented instrumentalist he hail from Nigeria, Kaduna state.

His educational background, singer Ahud is a graduate of Kaduna State University discipline, BA CRS and also P.D.E in education, and also he obtained his Masters Degree in Christian Religions Studies at the same Kaduna State University.

The song Halleluyah is a song inspired by the holy spirits. God gave me victory as the first Graduate in my family and also the first to obtained Masters Degree in my family all glory to Yaweh. The song is a combination of English and Hausa Igbo language. The nature of the song Intro, Chorus, Standard, Bridge.







Lyrics chorus

  • Halleluyah Glory to Yaweh
  • Glory to Yaweh
  • Mua yi Nasara
  • Halleluyah Glory to Yaweh

Repeat Respectively

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