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Jerry Bodam Ayuba, Born in the 70’s, is a Cinematographer with a passion for his Job, he has produce so many Gospel artist Videos and Movies to his credit, he is also a Gospel minister and Music Director, he started singing on stage early 90’s with Rev Silas Yako and Dr Panam Percy Paul as his mentors, during his time he work with people like Chuck’s Jock, Ben Chris, Pastor Jerry Swam , late Prince Jimmy Leo Yohanna etc, a great lover of reggae music, A Motivator and adviser to youth groups. As a train IIPEC chaplain officer, he has been faithful in building up youth that has lost hope in life and contributing to building them up., 

The song “END TIME” is to address the state of the Nation, the Evil that is going on , and to also give hope to all believers that we should return back to God and he will heal our land cos judgement day is here.
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