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Title; Madogarana (The Lord my Trust)
Artist : Emmanuel Praise (E-Praise)
 Madogarana is a declaration connoting total submission of self will to The Lord of all creation while believing,
accepting and acting on His prescriptions in all circumstances of one’s living on earth because the words He speaks are spirit and life. Psalms 23 capture the deep insight of this song. Trials, tribulations, pressure,
sweet, sour and ugly situations may come but my trust is you Lord.
 E-Praise, the songwriter and singer of the popular “Suna Maidadi
” Jehovah Darling” Carry Me Go” Ya Yesu, an FCS Alumni (2013 set A.B.U
Zaria), Ham by tribe, is an upcoming Christ’ music minister.
FB Page:Epraise
IG; officialepraise
Whatsapp: +2347036065978





Madogarana lyrics

Gani nazo, gani nazo(here I come, here I come)
Babu wanta hanya ba Sai dei kai
(No any other way except You)

In the raging storm,
You’re my calmness,
You are my hope and stay..oh oh oh
Through the valley,
Of the fear of Death,
Your presence’ still with me.
Faithful God, Promise Keeper,
You never fail,
You won’t start now……

Chorus 1:
Oh Lord….in all it’s You I trust Yahweh(x3)
You never fail, you’re still the same (x3)


Ka chi nasara, yaki da shetan,
Kai ka chechi ni. Oh…oh..oh
(You’ve the victory in battle with the devil, You saved me)

Kalman Allah, Mai iko Kai, wa zai jaa da kai yeah…(The word of God,
all-powerful; who can contend with Thee?)

Chorus 2:
Oh Lord…in all it’s You I trust Yahweh x3
You never fail, You’re still the same
(Repeat all)
You never fail, You’re still the same.

Spoken words;
Zatuttukan ka Ruhu ne Da Kuma Rai(The words You speak are spirit and life)
Ba Mai jaa da kai ya Mai girma,
(None can wage war with Thee)
Kai sarkin Yaki ne kuwa.
(You’re indeed The Mighty Warrior)
A dukan hanyoyi, kulayomi, kowanche rana, kananan Tare Dani.
(In all ways, all parts, all days, you’re with me)
Kuma nawa rokon shine, ka bi dani ko ina da zani,
(My plead; lead me everywhere I’ll go)

Oh ya Yesu Kai ne Madogarana (x2) yeah…eh
(Oh Dear Jesus Christ, You’re my trust

Oh Ya Yesu, Kai ne Madogarana (x3)
Ko ina Masoyina (x2)
(Everywhere, the lover of my soul)

Repeat chorus 2

Oh Lord only You I trust, lead me through the water and the fire….uuuyea.

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