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Abokina by God’s mercies came to me after a period of a sorrowful experience. It really Got me in tears and hopelessness even at the sequential death occurance of my dad and lovely younger sister, at the moment I needed them they told me bye.  And after the death of my dad I choose to comfort myself by saying, “indeed my father have tight friends, brothers and sisters. Ooh there no need to worry”. Hmmmm but reverse is the case… Everyone I thought could be of help to me and my family deserted us.. It was now done on me that the greatest failure is to trust in a man.. The experience made me see the real essence of Christ as a friend to me, even if i have no one on my side, but i have Jesus in me I got everything…….

Artist Bio: Andy Jaye is an Evangelist, minister, songwriter, recording artist, Singer and a worship leader, currently in Zaria, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Fine art department from prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.




Song Lyrics
In you I find peace
In you I find Joy
When the world turn so dark you gave me light
You never let me down
Thought others have let me down
Jesus you are my dearest friend

Abokina you mean everything to me
Yeshua- Almashi’ a
No one else like you … To me
Abokina you mean everything to me
Masoyina I put my trust in you

Solo 2
Have you found a friend so faithful
Have you found a friend so kind
A friend you’ve taste and trusted in your heart
I present to you yeshua who have never never fail.
He is humble kind and gentle
He will never let you down
Back 2 chorus (2×)

Kaine Abokina
Kaine Abokina
Kaine Abokina yeshua
Kaine Abokina…….
You are my dearest friend
You are my dearest friend
You are my dearest friend yeshua
You are my dearest friend.
A… (3×).

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