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Femi Olutosho Joseph popularly known as Femi worship is a seasoned worshiper rooted in God and ordained by Grace to be an ambassador of God’s presence and a tabernacle of worship to this generation. He is presently based in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is also the visioneer of WORSHIP AMBASSADORS NETWORK (WAN), whose vision is to raise and build God’s Generals in the place of worship in this season where God seeks true worshippers in spirit and in truth.

The mission is to lead Men and women to worship God in all totality and authenticity using the instrumentality of worship to transform lives, break yokes, and to set at liberty those who are oppressed.
His drive is in Isaiah 55:5 and 60:15 : “A nation I do not know I shall be called and those nations who are yet to know me shall run unto me because of the holy one of Israel who has endowed me with splendor (Glory) . Therefore, God is making me an eternal excellence and a joy of many generations”.
God of Wonders was birthed under divine inspiration by the Holy Spirit….
According to Femi Worship:
“I was in a meeting for a miracle and deliverance service. During my ministration, I started hearing a new song in my spirit, I picked up the song but immediately after my ministration i forgot the song. However, I pleaded with the Holy Spirit to help me remember the song. On my way to Ibadan that midnight, the song came back. I sang the song at a program in Ibadan and I was shocked at what happened. Immediately, I knew this song is one of the songs for the season.
This song is written by Femi worship and produced by Lord Louis.
God of wonders is a song that shows the limitless power and sovereignty of God.

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Facebook: Femi Joseph

Twitter: Femi Worship

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