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Cephas Ibrahim ‘Ribana’ (My Gain) Mp3 Download & Lyrics 2022

Cephas Ibrahim Delivers a brand new sound 'Ribana' (My Gain) in Nigeria

Cephas Ibrahim ‘Ribana’ (My Gain) Mp3 Download & Lyrics 2022

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‘Ribana’ (My Gain) is a song by Cephas Ibrahim that speaks of Jesus Christ as the centre of our lives and without him nothing makes sense. “what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul” Produced by KK2nice M&M by Daveed Skalez


MP3: Cephas Ibrahim ‘Ribana’ (My Gain) Audio

“Cephas Ibrahim” is a Nigerian base, dynamic and multi-talented Gospel artist and songwriter.
He’s popularly known as Kezyworship and also the crooner of songs like Iko which means(Authority) and Kaunarka which means(Your love)

Follow the Link below to Download ‘Ribana’ (My Gain) by Cephas Ibrahim Mp3 Download & Lyrics 2022



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