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Tell us about yourself; who is Mr Emmy praize and what should we know about him (Name, location, childhood, education, where you are from, career/work, hobbies/passion/life in all, family, etc.)

As EMMY PRAIZE I’m the sixth born of the family of Mr & Mrs. Sule Agbo.
I’m from kogi state but I was born and brought up in kaduna, kakuri precisely, and currently leaving at Mahuta, kaduna state..
I chose music as my career coz that’s what I find pleasure in..
Hubbies.. Hmm.. I love football a lot ?coz I actually played football then.. And I love jokes.. Lolxx.. ?..
PASSION.. My passion for music is totally out of this world.. I love music with every single piece of my life.. It’s all I have.. Even till death..

What’s your take on music?

My take on music..
I chose music as my career as I said earlier, you know we’re aiming heaven at last but still got big visions and territories to cover..

     What genre of music do you do?

My take on music..
I chose music as my career as I said earlier, you know we’re aiming heaven at last but still got big visions and territories to cover..

   What can you say about the end time move of God in music?

Wow.. God is moving in different dimensions this days indeed the labourers of harvest are multiplying rapidly this time.. And I thank God I’m one of them..

 Your love for music and your songs, how did it all start?

My love for music like I said is out of this world.. I’m totally lost in it..
I started singing since I was 8 years old.. But all by myself not until I joined one of the Assemblies of God church choir, and actually became the children’s church lead vocal and till I joined the senior choir as also the lead..

I started writing my songs from my secondary school days without even knowing what was driving me.. Until I really understood the ways of the Lord, then I knew God wants me to be a blessing to my world and I began to crave for more of him, and he gave me songs.. I mean inspiring songs in visions of the nights (dreams) by revelations and whisperings..
I bless God for that all.. I bless the Holy Spirit..

     How many songs do you have (audio and video)?

OK.. I have 13 songs presently all audio.. By God’s grace we’ll doing a video soon.


  Which of your songs really blessed your life personally and why/how?

Ahh.. MAKIYAYI NA.. I loved it til date.. I mean I myself.. I knew why I released it on my birthday coz I wanted the testimony to be completed..
I had never been laid on the hospital bed even for a minute is enough for me.. In my ministry of music he takes me level by level stresslessly.. Lolxx.. If there’s an English word like that.. ?..
And for keeping me in his ways.. And knowing where I came from, the challenges in my family, God is just faithful.. That’s my best shot to me for now..
But now denying.. I love GOD OF AWESOME WONDERS too.. ? Very very much..

Are your songs birthed from personal experience, people’s experience or others?

. Nah nah.. My songs came anytime I just connect to the giver of songs.. I don’t really care to write songs base on experiences..i prefer it when song is given to me not for myself but for a soul out there..


 When should we expect another song from you?

Lolxx.. ?.. Soon.. Yea.. And by the mercies of God you all should be expecting INVADE ME.. THANK YOU..


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