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Tell us about yourself; who is Mr Steve and what should we know about him (Name, location, childhood, education, where you are from, career/work, hobbies/passion/life in all, family )

My name is Stephen Samuel Childhood: I was born and brought up in Kaduna Education: I attended greater tomorrow nursery and primary school kujama Kaduna state from (1996-2003) secondary: Ecwa Christian academy ungwan maji kujama from (2003-2009) high institution: I attended Nuhu bamalli polytechnic Zaria study Quantity surveying for my national diploma from (2011-2013) before proceeding for my HND at the same nuhu bamalli polytechnic Zaria HND Quantity Surveying from (2014-2016). am from kwoi Jaba local government area of Kaduna state Jaba by tribe. Career: Am a Quantity surveyor Hobbies: listening to music, reading, and singing Family: Am the first born from a family of six.

  What’s your take on music?

My take on music each time I hear music I feel the ouch  of worshiping Yahweh

  What genre of music do you do?

ok! i do Gospel, i mean God has so much blessed me with the gift to sing, so i worship him with it.


  What can you say about the end time move of God in music?

God is restoring lost souls and transforming lives in the mist of temptation and trial

  Your love for music and your songs, how did it all start?

My love for music started when I was a kid singing in my church choir at the age of 15 years. I letter join my church band I have written songs but not having the privilege to record.

  How many songs do you have (audio and video)?

I have three songs, recorded one

  Do you write your own songs? If yes, how do you get inspired to write?

yes I write my own songs, I get my inspiration when am having my quite time with God studying the Scripture and having a fellowship with God.


  Which of your songs really blessed your life personally and why/how?

one of my songs that personally blessed my life is heavenly Father, the ancient of has seen me through the hard times, when I was down he lift me up he indeed a faithful God Co’s he has been faithful to me despite my unfaithfulness he remain faithful

  Are your songs birthed from personal experience, people’s experience or others?

my songs are birthed from personal experience


  Tell us about your latest release.

Heavenly father is my debut and is to be release on the 16-may-2019 is a song that talks about the supremacy of God Exalting the name of God and Co’s he is the heavenly father, he reign and no non compare with him

  When should we expect another song from you?

My next song is coming out before the year runs out.

My Social media handles: 

Facebook Mrsteve Sam

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Instagram Mr Steve sam



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