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WhatsApp/Telegram Group for Latest Songs, Chants and Worship Songs (Join Now)

WhatsApp/Telegram Group for Messages

There are powerful songs, Sounds and messages we can’t wait to share with you that will transform and boost your hunger for God.


WhatsApp/Telegram Group for Messages

WhatsApp/Telegram Group for Messages WhatsApp/Telegram Group for Messages

On average an artist on revelationmusik earns 60 -70% of their iTunes revenue and also Spotify

There are over 20,000 subscribers on our platform streaming, and downloading music worldwide.

We have new business partners both local and international and a web, and social media presence. Our target market is the youth from Age 16 -to 28, mostly popular in African Countries

Revelationmusik is creating brand recognition and new marketing opportunities by developing,

implementing and evaluating plans to promote releases and sales,

through PR strategies and social media campaigns.


Follow all our social media @Revelationmusik
Call us +2347056366195


Revelationmusik is a company working towards achieving a standard music record label, to discover and encourage artists, help them reach their potential and create a good atmosphere where music can strive in all the cosmos.

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