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MUSIC: Get Lifted By Singer Ahud(Album)

Singer Ahud is a passionate gospel music minister.He has released his 6th sensational gospel album to this time 3/11/2020 in order to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ globally.
This Album is tittle “GET LIFTED” produced @ATight Studio by Apro track1,2,4,5,6 and 2 tracks prod by Emma Dada 3 &7.
And He said to them Go into the World and preach the gospel to every Creature See (Mark 16:15)
Please Download listen and share to expand God’s Kingdom.

Singer Ahud_Halleluja


Singer Ahud_Elshaddai


Singer Ahud_Joyfulness


Singer Ahud_Holy Spirit


Singer Ahud_Get Lifted


My Everything_Singer Ahud


You’r Good_Singer Ahud


New Song_Singer Ahud


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Femi Worship-Yahweh- Full Album


Femi Olutosho Joseph popularly known as Femi worship is a seasoned worshiper rooted in God and ordained by Grace to be an ambassador of God’s presence and a tabernacle of worship to this generation. He is presently based in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is also the visioneer of WORSHIP AMBASSADORS NETWORK (WAN), whose vision is to raise and build God’s Generals in the place of worship in this season where God seeks true worshippers in spirit and in truth. 

The mission is to lead Men and women to worship God in all totality and authenticity using the instrumentality of worship to transform lives, break yokes, and to set at liberty those who are oppressed.
His drive is in Isaiah 55:5 and 60:15 : “A nation I do not know I shall be called and those nations who are yet to know me shall run unto me because of the holy one of Israel who has endowed me with splendor (Glory) . Therefore, God is making me an eternal excellence and a joy of many generations”.
God of Wonders was birthed under divine inspiration by the Holy Spirit….

Asiko Tito.


Mo fimi faiyemu_




God no dey Lie


If God wil not help ft David Ogbole


Yaweh Yaweh ft Pst Dominic Sabastine


Ke Hossanna ft Stevey Omolamba,Steven Olumodeji,Bishop Henry


The Glory of my Life ft Chris Morgan,Joy Adejo


Secrets Toluwanimee won’t tell About her Forthcoming Album Revealed!

Following the release of her newest single “The Reason”, Toluwanimee has set in motion, the journey towards the premiere of her debut album “Go Deeper”.

The release of the album was announced as far back as May 2018 after she dropped the single “WOW”, produced by Wilz.

Toluwanimee revealed recently that there were certain events from the likes of natal care and other pressing issues that may have slowed down the process of getting the album out on the proposed date.

Yet, that didn’t hinder the supermum from releasing her latest single “The Reason”. She shared this testimony during the release of the single as she explained why the album was delayed.

According to her, these words  ‘man proposes, God disposes’ by the 15th-century author, Thomas Kempis captured the circumstances faced during the making of the album.

She confessed that while making plans towards the album, God needed to use a season in her life to birth forth this testimony, which is to be a pillar of strength for many.

As it stands, “The Reason” will be ushering the “Go Deeper” album. If you are familiar with Toluwanimee’s music, then you already know that there is every reason to be excited!

“Forever”, “Sekki”, “Miracle God”, “Ultimate Price”, “Lord Today”, and “WOW are some of the singles which have left indelible marks on the Gospel terrain, not just because of the excellence and professionalism attached to the songs, but also for their timeliness.

And so if Toluwanimee can get the essence of her message right with her singles be rest assured there will be so much more on the album. Little wonder its titled”Go Deeper”

There is more to expect from Toluwanimee meaning that’s there is much more to experience for her listeners and fans!

Toluwanimee’s underlying theme is that you need to “Go Deeper” on this journey with Jesus and the tracks on the album are necessary companies on this journey!

Hence, Psalm 107:24 says: “They saw the deeds of the LORD, his wondrous works in the deep”


Toluwanimee is a worshipper and would have done so, even in her sleep but by divine providence, she received a deeper epiphany for her worship.

Reiterating the premise, Toluwanimee stated:

“About 6 months ago, God delivered me from serious health complications. Honestly, I didn’t need a reason because worship is what I was born to do but he gave me a season and another reason so here now I am singing his praises. This is the inspiration behind ‘The Reason’ “Her music which sits in the contemporary and urban Christian music genre has seen a wide range of the best hands in sound crafting from the likes of Wilson Joel, Wilz, Sunny Pee and more.

It goes without saying that Toluwanimee does not play down on excellence. Her vocal prowess and piercing pitch is also a signature. You can’t listen to her music and start  second-guessing.


Moreover, the lyrical richness of her music reflects her spiritual encounters. Countless times, she has narrated how some of her songs were birthed and one constant element is the secret place factor.

Watch the lyrics to her new single “The Reason” HERE

Download the song “The Reason”

Sammie Okposo Live in London – The Coming of the Album

After successfully hosting the Sammie Okposo Praise Party in the London, Amsterdam and Germany with Ukraine slated for May 1st 2019, International multiple award-winning music minister Sammie Okposo is set to release a new album.

His last album, SWAG which was released October 2017, was such a huge success that the songs on the album are still trending.

The new album titled Sammie Okposo Live in London is a live audio and DVD recording, recorded before an audience in London.

 According to the Sammie Okposo;

 ” It’s a 2 in 1 release of both Audio and DVD in one pack. It will be also available on digital stores online. I am excited to bring this body of work to the kingdom and my fans all over the world.”

This album will be released on the 30th of May 2019, which doubles as his birthday. The music maestro as he is fondly called will be releasing one or two singles from the album before the release proper.

Sammie, who received an unusual out pouring of anointing during the Deeper Worship Intensive in Orlando, Florida, USA, from God through the renowned Pastor William MCDowell, is set to give ‘More’ of that anointing in psalms and sacred songs, as the Lord has declared that ‘There is More’.

Brace yourselves for this new chapter and new season in the Ministry of Sammie Okposo.