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SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!! A village that eat human meat

SHOCKING!!!! A Village That Eat Human Meat + Pictures
By revelationchronicles On 23 November 2014 In News
When I found this story I personally did not believe it until I saw the pictures of a village which eat human being meat and it has been discovered that the village is in Thailand.
Though, there have been rumors about some cannibalism in some part of the country of Thailand but no one believe until this story with pictures went viral. so if you don’t know now you know that Cannibalism still exist.
As you can see from the images below, that some of the villages even a policeman taking their own piece of HUMAN meat after killing the person.
Though, there has been no information about how the person was killed or what happened but from the picture you will notice that the people cutting the human are relax and cool, so it does not look like a crime.
See pictures below
Meating of human meat causes a spread of deadly prion disease but this villages don’t seem to care about that as the seem and look happy and relaxed in the photo…
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