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September 17, 2021 Music: KARBI YABO – Zipporah Shaibu

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Mrs. Zipporah Shaibu and am from Kaduna state, chikun local government Gbagyi by tribe. I thank the Almighty God for the inspiration to write the song Karbi Yabo which came on a particular night while I was looking up to the heavens, the stars, imagining the wonders of God and the works of His hands.


I begin to worship God and the song came straight into my heart KARBI YABO then the holy spirit took over and am glad to share this song with everyone that’ll be listening to the song God bless you all, I thank God also for my husband Pastor Shaibu Yohanna who stood by me, for his support and encouragement, my brother and producer Pastor Benaiah, family and beloved once for all of their support. May the Name of the Lord be praised.



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