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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Babu_By_Francis Auta ft Glory Henry

Francis Auta is a Kaduna based up coming gospel music artist, a song writer and a music director. BABU is an R&B/Trap genre of music written in both Hausa and English language. 
The song was birthed in a place of my personal rehearsals as I was wondering about the Love of God over me and every other believer despite our wrong doings and the hurts we cause him everyday of our lifes. He is never tired of our complains and faults, He always brings us back on track to do His will all the times we go astray, fulfilling His promises over our lifes, Never to leave nor forsake us as contained in Deuteronomy 31:6.
God’s love is unconditional, it’s irresistible, Unrequitable and deeper than the oceans. His Banner us is love and subjugated everything. Indeed friends, there is non like Him (BABU KAMARSA). 
Babu_By_Francis Auta ft Glory Henry
You picked me from the miry clay
And set me on the rock to stand
You made my life so beautiful
(beautiful) *2
Your love is Irresistible (Irresistible)
Your love is Unrequitable (Unrequitable)
Lord I’ve searched through all the earth
But found no one compared to you…
Lord we sing…
Babu (*2)
Babu oh…
Bridge 1 (Call/Response)
Masoyina-(Babu Kamarka)
Lover of my soul-(Babu kamarka)
Maicetona-(Babu kamarka)
Lifter of my hands-(Babu kamarka)
Bridge 2
Lord you’ll never leave me
And you will not forsake me
Babu (*2)
Baby oh…

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