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The world is colored in shades of grey. Morals and motives paint indistinct lines between layers of truth and lies deceptions flows into honesty leaving blurred borders causing bewilderment. But certainty cultivates contentment, so we make rigid rules about how things ought to be and call them religion laws, culture …

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Poetry_where am I powerless

I’m in a relationship where I am powerless. Look how abused I am. How easy it is to blame another, a built-in excuse to not even try. Too afraid of failing or even of success I remain in my self-imposed prison.

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Poetry_ wrath of God

Everybody’s right everybody’s wrong the truth have we, they say wave the book it’s right here God loves me, but not you into the fire you go forever Who is this wrathful God playing favorites vengeful casting his creations into forever fire? What happens to evil doers in the end? …

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I applaud life

I applaud life, yes I do Beats death anytime. Giant spoof or profound mystery? I applause life, yes I do. Should I take life seriously Or stay a child full of joy? I applaud life, yes I do. Beats death anytime.

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An Interview with Maryam Awaisu, a writer and a radio presenter.

Tell us a little about yourself? I’m Ms. Maryam Awaisu (not Miss). I was born in Kaduna, Nigeria. I’m currently a radio presenter at Liberty TV/Radio. What are some of your hobbies and passions? I love dancing and cooking, and I ride horses once in a while. I find joy …

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Dantala Ali Alone I am out tonight Not to pray this time But to talk to the moon As it cast it bright light Down the abyss of the earth Then I ask the moon, Why is your light brighter Than all illuminators at night? Like a drop of snow …

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