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poetry- laughter is life's best song

Old age has given me laughter that’s free no restraint to what’s inside of me Now I laugh good and strong don’t care what folks think don’t need to belong I laugh at death then laugh at life ignore the sorrow pain and strife Old folks laugh when others say …

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The world is colored in shades of grey. Morals and motives paint indistinct lines between layers of truth and lies deceptions flows into honesty leaving blurred borders causing bewilderment. But certainty cultivates contentment, so we make rigid rules about how things ought to be and call them religion laws, culture …

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Love Me? You do not need to punish me; I do it well myself. I give mercy only to others. I’ve been taught that self-love is selfish. You do not need to punish me; I do it well myself. I wish I loved me as much as I love others. …

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Poetry_where am I powerless

I’m in a relationship where I am powerless. Look how abused I am. How easy it is to blame another, a built-in excuse to not even try. Too afraid of failing or even of success I remain in my self-imposed prison.

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I applaud life

I applaud life, yes I do Beats death anytime. Giant spoof or profound mystery? I applause life, yes I do. Should I take life seriously Or stay a child full of joy? I applaud life, yes I do. Beats death anytime.

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