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The Lordship of Jesus is incontestable. He rules in the affairs of men.
The commander of the armies of heaven, the Lord of hosts leads his Church In triumph.
In his wisdom he navigates every thing according to the counsel of his will, bringing to pass his purposes,even with the very schemes orchestrated to thwart them.

Caleb David raises a sound declaring the everlasting dominion of our King, the realities of our victorious position as joint heirs with Christ and our responsibilities as ambassadors of his kingdom.
Be blessed!



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Caleb David. 



The hand of the LORD

still writes.. 

He’ll write again.. 

(and) I’ll be here to read it out…

The writing on the wall. 


The Spirit of the LORD still hovers…. 

Upon the waters. 

(and) I am here declaring now…

Let there be light.


There are kings… 

There are kingdoms… 

There are mountains and there are thrones… 

But only Yeshua will reign forever.. 

To His kingdom there’ll be no end…


For Him are all things

And by Him were all things made 

Oh oh oh 


The judge of all the earth still sits 

With the books before Him. 

Say to Zion ‘weep no more ‘

The Lion has prevailed.

The LORD said unto my LORD

Sit at my right hand 

Until I make your enemies 

A foot stool for you 


(oh) There are kings 

There are kingdoms

There are mountains and there are thrones 

(but) Only Yeshua will reign for ever.. 

To His kingdom there’ll be no end 


For him are all things and by him were all things made.. 



Thine is the kingdom 

And the power 

And the glory forever Amen.. 


For Him are all things 

And by Him were all things made….


Here comes the man child 

With the scepter in his hand 

He’ll rule the nations

He’ll rule the nations


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