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Kim Walker-Smith is out with her new live album, Wild Heart,These are the tracks from the album

“I wanted to capture that feeling of new life and growth in the aesthetics of this album, so the night we recorded it, we had a stage full of the live plants and flowers! Our scenic designer, Eric Ponpetenieff, totally captured the vision of “WILD” and created something incredible with live trees, ferns, moss, and flowers. He turned the stage in to a lush living garden, he even brought in a eucalyptus tree from his own property! Needless to say, it smelled AMAZING in the theater that night.” – Kim Walker-Smith


Stones (Live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
Come Through (Live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
Wild Heart (Live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
Breathing Room (Live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
Simple Days (live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
Returning (Live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
You “ll Always be (live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
Only you (Live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
Protector (Live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
Already have  (Bears song)Live DOWNLOAD NOW!
Just to Have you (Live) DOWNLOAD NOW!
Just be (Live) DOWNLOAD NOW!




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